Wine Glasses

Stunning Wine Glasses for Every Occasion

Your wine glasses can make a statement. The right crystal stemware can accent your dinnerware place settings & sets, while a wine tumbler may be the perfect match for casual and simple dinnerware. Find the best wine glasses for every type of wine and for every occasion here at Rosenthal.

Choosing the Right Glass

When drinking a glass of fine wine, choosing the wine itself is only half of the equation. Making sure you have the right crystal glassware can enhance your enjoyment of that perfect vintage.

Red Wine Glasses

You owe it to that perfect bottle of wine to serve it in the perfect glass. Whether your choice is the bold design of the Frantisek Vizner 7-inch glass with the chunky base that holds 11½ ounces of fermented perfection, or the Rosenthal DiVino grand cru burgundy glass, with its classic bulb shape and over 30-ounce capacity, you’ll find the ideal red wine goblet glass here.

For the ultimate in sophistication in a red wine glass, select the Medusa Lumiere design from Versace. Available in haze (grey) or clear, this classic crystal shape is adorned with a carved head of Medusa. Luxury and glamour are evident when you fill this glass with up to 16 ounces of your favorite red wine. A pair of these glasses makes an exceptional gift for a wedding or other momentous occasion.

White Wine Glasses

White wine feels at home in many different glass shapes. Choose the boxy sophistication of the Rosenthal TAC 02 Riesling large wine glass or the classic teardrop shape of a Drop flute glass. Find the perfect shape and size to complement your dinnerware, pairing it with a similarly shaped red wine glass if you are offering multiple courses with wine pairings.

Looking for a truly unique white wine glass? Try the Frantisek Vizner white wine glass – just 6½ inches tall with a unique chunky base. Or, select the ultimate in elegant stemware – the Medusa Lumiere white wine glass from Versace. Available in crystal or haze, this intricately sculpted glass will charm your guests. It also makes an exceptional gift.

Each of our white wine glasses will hold just the right amount of that perfect Chardonnay, Riesling or Pinot Grigio, and will increase your enjoyment with every sip.

Champagne Glasses

Champagne is the ultimate celebration wine. It’s romantic, elegant, and sophisticated. Shouldn’t the glass you drink it from be all those things as well?

The classic champagne flute glass is tall and slender and maintains the beverage’s effervescence until the last sip. These glasses are ideal for toasting and keep your champagne from getting flat or warm too quickly. We have several designs that range from classic to modern.

If you’re looking for a unique design for champagne glasses, consider the Frantisek Vizner champagne saucer from Rosenthal. The saucer measures 4½ inches in diameter and holds up to 6¾ oz. of wine. A Frantisek Vizner champagne glass with the typical fluted shape is also available. Both glasses have a short base rather than the traditional long stem. The champagne saucer evokes the feel of the classic champagne coupe that was so popular in the mid-20th century.

Imagine giving the gift of a pair of Versace Medusa Lumiere champagne flutes. These formal, elegant crystal glasses are embellished with a crystal head of the mythical Medusa, making them unique and memorable.

Your wine glasses say a lot about you. Careful selection of the glass you use shows that you understand and appreciate an excellent vintage, and helps you make every drink a celebration. Peruse our wide selection of glassware and choose those that best fit your style and décor. À votre santé!