Coffee & Tea Pots

Choosing the Perfect Coffee & Tea Pots

Picture this: Your dinner party is winding down. The conversation has been scintillating, the food was perfectly prepared and timed, and your guests are nearly satiated. But you have one more ace up your sleeve. You bring out a scrumptious dessert, accompanied by the most elegant and exquisite coffee and tea pots your guests have ever seen. It’s the perfect ending to a perfect evening.

Nothing caps off a perfect meal better than a perfect cup of coffee or tea. And that perfect cup begins with the exquisite pot its served in.

Coffee Pots

A coffee pot can match your dinnerware or provide a statement all its own. Choose a classic white design, such as the 34-ounce Medallion White coffee carafe from Thomas, or select a show-stopping elegant pot like the Etoiles de la Mer from Versace. It holds 40 ounces of your favorite brew in a luxurious porcelain pot decorated with a colorful floral design and gold accents. Your guests will be talking about this coffee pot for months!

The best coffee pot is both functional and decorative. Our pots are made from heat-retaining porcelain, so your brew will stay hot even in the largest coffee urn. Choose coordinating or complementary coffee accessories such as sugar bowls and creamers, or coffee / tea cups & mugs. Create your own distinctive set that you will treasure for years.

Tea Pots

Tea lovers know the importance of an excellent tea pot. Many of our tea pots include an integrated strainer for the true aficionado who uses loose tea. These pots can also be used with tea bags. The high-quality porcelain retains heat, keeping your third cup of tea as hot and tasty as your first.

Choose a whimsical pattern such as the Rosenthal Brilliance Fleurs Sauvages for your breakfast tea or ladies’ afternoon tea. For dinner, choose the classic yet modern Vario White, available in a coffee pot and teapot. We specialize in the most elegant collection of teapots for sale anywhere.

For a full coffee and tea service, choose matching coffee and tea pots. Select an all-white design that is clean and elegant, with matching cups and saucers. Or, make your coffee and tea pots the star of the show by choosing a glamorous gold or platinum design that will complement your dinnerware. Either way, the choice of porcelain coffee and tea pots will provide your guests with a delicious after-dinner beverage served at the perfect temperature.

Combi Pots

A combi pot can be used to serve either coffee or tea. In shapes and designs ranging from classic to elegant to luxurious, a combi pot can be used for everyday use or for special occasions. Several of our combi pots feature the classic tea kettle shape, with a sturdy handle over top to effect a perfect pour.

One of our most popular designs, the Free Spirit Stars combi pot, has an available warmer to keep your beverage at the perfect drinking temperature no matter how long you may linger.

Tea Sets

Our porcelain tea sets include strainers and lids to make the best cup of tea possible. The Rosenthal TAC Palazzo tea set includes the teapot, two strainers and a lid. If you prefer to use loose tea leaves to make the optimal cup of tea, this is the set for you. Simple and elegant in design, it brews a perfect cup every time.

Rosenthal provides luxurious & glamorous dinnerware, coffee and tea pots, and dining accessories. Whether you choose a single pattern or mix and match, your table will reflect your style and elegance with plates, cups, and serve ware from Rosenthal.