Coffee / Tea Cups & Mugs

Coffee & Tea Cups from Casual and Colorful to Elegant and Formal

There’s nothing quite like a perfect cup of coffee or tea, served in the perfect teacup or mug. Coffee and tea cups enhance the pleasure of your favorite brew. They can be whimsical, cheerful, luxurious, glamorous, or anything in between. Start your unique collection of coffee and tea cups here at Rosenthal.

The Best Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups

Coffee lovers everywhere appreciate the value of a good mug. Our porcelain mugs feel sturdy in your hand, and keep your java at the perfect drinking temperature right down to the last sip. Choose the classic Medallion White for that first no-nonsense cup in the morning. Or, if you’re looking for a little more flair, the Maria White mug is simple yet elegant. The Versace Marco Polo mug features gold overlaid on porcelain in a truly unique design. For the most exquisite mug you can imagine, try the Versace Prestige Gala, with its rich, opulent decoration and available lid.

If your preference runs to a coffee cup with saucer, you’re sure to find something you cannot live without. The classic white Thomas Nido cup holds 7 ounces, with a comfortable handle and matching saucer. We also stock large coffee mugs and a wide variety of combi cups, from classic white with a traditional bowl shape, to the luxurious gold and red Marco Polo from Versace. For those whose caffeine needs run toward the extraordinary, the gold and green Versace Breakfast Cup holds 21 ounces of liquid – enough to get anyone’s day off to an energetic start.

Espresso cups make a charming gift or addition to your coffee service. The classic Papyrus White lets your brew stand out, while the gold-trimmed Persis adds elegance and luxury.

Coffee and Tea Cups for Your First Drink of the Day

From the first cup in the morning, to afternoon tea with dainty sandwiches and pastries, to dessert after dinner, the right tea cup always adds style and sophistication. Delicate porcelain tea cups, left pure white or embellished with rich colors and golden accents, are an art form unto themselves.

Choose teacups that coordinate with or complement your coffee and tea pot, from classic white to cheery flowers. Select service for eight or twelve of a single pattern, or mix and match coordinating patterns for a modern look.

Here you’ll find unique ways to serve tea. The Persis Tea Bowl Cup from Rosenthal features an elegant gold and white design. This handle-less and saucer-less bowl is perfect for Asian teas served with a meal. The Medusa Madness Oro crystal tea glass with its low handle and matching saucer is a one-of-a-kind method of tea service that your guests won’t soon forget.

Serve Ware and Accessories to Match Coffee and Tea Cups

Rosenthal offers coordinating and complementary serve ware including coffee & tea pots, serving platters & trays, and a large selection of formal & elegant dinnerware. Choose serve ware that matches your coffee and tea cups, or mix and match coordinating patterns.

Restaurant-Style Coffee and Tea Cups

Restaurant owners know that the cup or mug used to serve coffee or tea can be as much a part of the experience as the beverage itself. Rosenthal offers colorful, hefty coffee mugs for the first cup of Joe before work, as well as dainty and delicate tea cups and saucers that are works of art in themselves. We also offer espresso and latte cups, and a coffee tumbler for those too busy to wait. Choose the cup or mug that fits your style, and explore coordinating small wares to complete your set.

Whether for yourself or for a gift, Rosenthal carries coffee and tea cups for every taste and style. Start a new collection or add to one to make every cup of coffee or tea satisfying and memorable.