Serving Platters & Trays

Elegant and Luxurious Serving Platters & Trays for Every Occasion

When you host a dinner party, you bring out your best dinnerware to show your guests how important they are to you. But guests will notice your serving platters and trays, too. Make sure your serveware is as elegant as your place settings with beautiful, functional pieces from Rosenthal.

Sambonet Specialty Serving Platters and Trays in Holders

A perfect dinner party depends on the details, like having the right serving plate for each item on the menu, and being able to pass them between guests easily. Our Sambonet line of serving platters and trays features classic white porcelain serveware designed specifically for the different dishes you serve. Each piece comes with its own custom holder, making it easy for guests to pass and serve themselves.

Our collection includes a rectangular hors d’oeuvre dish in a holder, a 14¼ x 7-inch food tray that features three sections for small bites. We also have a spaghetti dish in a holder, and a rice dish in a holder, both available in antico or mirror finish.

The Sambonet line of serving trays also includes two rectangular dishes, one measuring 13¾ x 8 2/3 inches and the other measuring 16 x 10½ inches. An oval dish is available in 13¾ x 9½ inch, 15¼ x 10½ inch and 17 ¼ x 10 ½ inch sizes. All of these dishes come with holders. Antico and mirror finishes are available. Their classic design and neutral white color make these trays a perfect complement to any dinnerware pattern.

Rosenthal Collection of Serving Platters and Trays

The Rosenthal Collection features round, square, rectangular and oval platters in various sizes, colors, and patterns. Find just the serving dishes you need, in a color that will coordinate with or complement your dinnerware. Many of these pieces match our Modern & Design dinnerware patterns, or you can choose an accent color or pattern that will give your table new interest.

Having the right platter plates for every dish will make your dinner party more successful and enjoyable. Proudly display your perfectly roasted turkey on a Landscape White 16½ inch Rosenthal platter. Plate your exquisite hors d’oeuvre on a rectangular platter that is 18 7/8ths x 6 3/4ths inches. Present a molded creation atop a 4-inch Nendoo White footed platter for everyone to see. From a large platter to a small pedestal dish, we have the perfect serving plate for any creation.

Special Serving Platters and Trays

When serving a plated meal, a service plate takes the place of a dinner plate before service begins. The service plate can remain, with the dinner plate placed atop it, or it can be removed and replaced with the dinner plate. In either case, the service plate should be decorative, like our Brilliance Fleurs Sauvages from Rosenthal or Etoiles de la Mer pattern from Versace. Etoiles de la Mer is also available as a three-tier etagere in two sizes.

Certain dishes require their own serving pieces. Wooden boards are perfect for serving a fruit and cheese course, either before or after dinner. Baskets are just right for a selection of fresh baked rolls, or for breakfast pastries at a brunch.

Coordinate or Complement Your Serving Platters and Trays

Rosenthal offers a wide range of Modern & Design dinnerware, including bowls & dishes as well as coffee & tea service. Choose serving platters to match your place settings, or select pieces that will complement your tableware. White serving platters will work with any décor, or add a splash of color for fun and variety. Using quality serving pieces, many of which are dishwasher and microwave safe, will showcase your menu items to perfection and help you create a memorable dinner party for your guests.