Bowls & Dishes

Elegant Bowls and Dishes for Every Occasion

You may have service for twelve – or more – of your china pattern, but it takes more than place settings to be able to host a dinner party. You need bowls and dishes for serving and for specialized foods like soups, pasta, fruit or cereal. Rosenthal has a complete collection of bowls and dishes, as well as serving trays and accessories, in classic white and various bright colors and elegant styles, so you can choose the specialty bowls and dishes that suit your style.

Serving Bowls and Dishes

Choose serving bowls that match your serving dishes or place settings, or select a complementary color or pattern. White serving bowls and dishes will coordinate with any pattern or color, or can be the perfect foil for your elegant table linens. We offer oval and rectangular serving dishes with metal handles to make serving and passing easier. Special rice and pasta bowls are designed especially for these hard-to-serve foods. Soup tureens will keep your soup hot or cold, and can add an extra element of interest to your table.

Vegetable bowls are available in open and covered styles. For those vegetables that tend to cool off quickly, such as asparagus or peas, choose a covered dish to retain the heat as long as possible. Our porcelain bowls are excellent for this. For mashed potatoes, squash, or other root vegetables that tend to stay warm longer, an open bowl will make service easier.

Use a salad bowl to show off your mixed greens or pasta salad, either before, alongside, or after the main course. Complete your set with serving dishes, dinner bowls or platters to showcase your culinary creations. Using the correct serving bowl will show off your foods to their best effect, while making it easy to serve your guests.

Small Bowls and Dishes

When serving cereal or fruit for breakfast or brunch, or pasta for lunch or dinner, the right bowl is critical. We have bowls of various sizes and styles. Choose a classic white rounded cereal bowl when you want the food to be the star, or select an elegant, opulent Medusa Red fruit bowl with gold accents to give your table extra flair.

Dip dishes are also available for dips and sauces. We even have a special dish that is designed specifically for soy sauce.

Specialty Bowls and Dishes

Complete your coffee and tea set with a matching or complementary sugar bowl and creamer. Rosenthal offers durable porcelain sugar bowls and creamers in classic white, unique shapes, and elegant and glamorous patterns. Some designs have available trays or plates. When you end your special meal with a complete coffee and tea service, your guests will remember it for a long time to come.

Gift and Accessory Bowls and Dishes

Looking for a unique gift that will stand out from the crowd? We offer a one-of-a-kind Versace Canape Dish or Candy Dish in the elegant yet opulent Etoiles de la Mer pattern. The square Canape Dish measures 4¾ inches on each side and is perfect for passed hors d’oeuvres. The Candy Dish is 5½ inches square. Both feature a colorful design of flowers bordered in gold.

Restaurant Bowls and Dishes

Perhaps you have fallen in love with a range of dinner bowls you have seen when dining out at a restaurant? Rosenthal has a number of unique styles of serveware bowls and dishes that would grace the tables of any upscale dining establishment. Sturdy porcelain can withstand the heavy use of a restaurant environment, and most pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe. Find your style among our many offerings.

Bowls and dishes can complete your dinnerware place settings & sets, and can complement your stemware, flatware, and table décor. Choosing the right pieces will help your next dinner party be a smashing success. Peruse all of our bowls and dishes to select those that will make your tablescape unforgettable.