Make Your Plates the Star of Your Dinner

You put a lot of effort into your dinner parties, and the food is often the thing you think most about. But your tablescape should also be a focus. Choose the best plates to showcase that food you spent so much time preparing, and provide a memorable evening for your guests.

Service Plates

Service plates are larger than dinner plates and are placed on the table if the dinner plate will be plated before being served. The salad, soup, or dinner plate may be placed on top of the service plate, or the service plate may be removed when the first course is served.

Service plates are typically decorative, but ours bring design to a new level. Gorgeous floral patterns, bold colors and unique designs set our service plates apart from the rest. Choose service plates that match your dinner plates, or choose ones that provide a striking accent.

Dinner Plates

Dinner plates that complement your place settings can make a refreshing change for your table. Classic white dinner plates allow your entrée to be showcased as the art that it is. White plates can be used with bold, bright table linens and opulent centerpieces for a contemporary look.

At Rosenthal, we also offer uniquely patterned porcelain dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates, and soup plates. These porcelain plates feature elegant, glamourous designs that will be the envy of your dinner guests. Bright, bold colors and artistic patterns are complemented with gold or platinum accents.

Dessert, Salad, Luncheon, or Soup Plates

Large dinner plates are suitable for the entrée course of a dinner, while smaller dessert or salad plates may be used for other courses, or for a luncheon. We also offer specialty soup plates, which can match or accent your dinner plates.

Using the right-sized plate for the course you are serving is more important than the name of the plate. If you have a minimalist salad or dessert, you can use a bread and butter plate rather than a salad or dessert plate if you like. The plate should be large enough to make it easy to eat the food, but not so large that it looks as though you are skimping. If you are serving family style, the plate should be large enough to accommodate a diner with a hefty appetite.

Serving Plates and Platters

Having the proper serving plates will help your guests enjoy their meal. Serving plates and platters should be the correct size for the food that is being served. If your serving plate is too small, you risk having food fall off the plate onto your table or, worse, onto a guest’s lap. If it is too large, the food may look ‘lost’ and not seem as appealing as it should.

Serving plates and platters can match your dinner plates, or they can complement them. If your dinner plates have a white background, for example, you can use plain white or white-on-white serving plates. If your place settings are all white or another solid color, consider using patterned serving platters to add a splash of color or some interest to your table.

Restaurant Plates

Classic white porcelain dinnerware puts the focus on your food, creating a blank canvas for your chef to design upon. Using a white-on-white design or a unique shape can help you add style while still allowing your food to remain center stage. Our durable, sturdy porcelain dinner plates, serving platters & trays, and coffee / tea cups & mugs can withstand repeated use, and most pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe. Add stemware to complement your plates and serving pieces to complete your elegant look.

Your plates can be a focal point of your next luncheon or dinner party. Select them carefully to make the occasion more memorable for your guests.