Dinnerware Place Settings & Sets

Dinnerware Sets for Every Style

Choosing a dinnerware set may seem like a big decision. If you’re just starting out, you may be eating from this dinnerware for many years. You’ll serve meals to your family and friends from this set and many memories will be made over these dining plates, cups, and saucers. By selecting a dinnerware set that reflects your personal style, you will be able to use it for many years.

White Dinnerware Sets

Many people choose white dinnerware sets for their timeless simplicity and classic good looks. These plate sets can be accented with serving pieces or table linens in different colors. All-white dish sets also have the advantage of setting off the food well, allowing the meal you are serving to take center stage.

We offer many styles of white dinner plate sets in various shapes and designs. These sets can reflect your personal style with the shape of the plates, cups, or accessory pieces. Many sets are white-on-white, with a discreet pattern in the design. Others are mostly white, with some subtle accents in another color.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Some people will choose two sets of dinnerware. One for ‘everyday’ family meals, and the other to be used for special occasions. In this case, those who may choose a white dish set for everyday use may select something bold and bright for their special occasion dinnerware.

At Rosenthal, we offer an extensive selection of unique porcelain dinnerware sets in bold patterns. We offer the Versace collection, which features jewel tones and unique designs that will have your dinner guests asking, “Where did you get these?” Consider the Greek-inspired Medusa pattern, available in blue or red. Or the Marco Polo pattern, whose bright greens and reds will transport you and your dinner guests to the Far East. The La Mer pattern will make you think of Versailles and French royalty.

These gorgeous patterns will make your dining plates the featured guest at your next dinner party.

Shapes That Intrigue

Dinner plate sets that are pure white can still be intriguing. Many of our dinner sets are created in unique shapes that set them apart from the traditional. Rosenthal’s Origami pattern evokes the ancient art of paper folding with plates and bowls that fit together almost like a puzzle. Our Scoop dish sets look futuristic and classic at the same time. Papyrus has an overlapping element that is unlike anything you or your guests have seen before.

Our porcelain dinnerware sets are expertly crafted, durable, and sturdy. Most pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe, making these tableware sets as useful at the breakfast bar as they are at a formal table.

Restaurant Dish Sets

Perhaps you have seen our gorgeous dish sets in a restaurant or hotel dining room. You can bring the same luxury and elegance to your own dining table by ordering directly from us. Choose one of our white dish sets to be a blank canvas for your culinary creations, or select a colorful pattern with opulent accents.

Our porcelain dinnerware sets will be as stunning on your dining table as they are in four- and five-star restaurants and hotels the world over. Be the envy of your guests with these timeless dish sets.

Complementary Pieces

No matter what style of dinnerware set you choose, be sure to select wine glasses, flatware, and coffee & tea pots that complement your dinner set. The various pieces on your table should create a cohesive whole, reflecting your personal style.

The right dinnerware set, regardless of whether it is your first, a replacement, or an additional one, should reflect your personality. When combined with your table linens, accent pieces, and other serveware, you’ll have a tablescape you can be proud of.